The One Where They All Get To Know

Did you ever have that feeling of being an outsider? A misfit? Or was there a point in your life where you questioned your existence? I did. I was in a car accident when I was 11. There are a lot of scars on my face, and back then people used to view me differently like I was not even human. In school I used to be treated differently from the rest. I never asked for pity. All I wanted was to be treated equally. 

My name is Hamza Mazhar, I am a Marketing major at LSE currently in my 3rd year. I can gladly say that things have changed a lot for me and I can’t be more satisfied then I am. I believe that I am some what versatile. I am a football fanatic, I play and I watch. I am a Real Madrid supporter and a big CR7 fan. (For all those haters 32 La Liga titles and 11 Champions League titles). Music always gets me going, I like listening to Rap (Eminem 🤘🏻) Electro House, Pop. I am a huge DC fan. They have done some amazing things on screen and in books. For a DC fan only! Those who haven’t read Injustice please do. 

Before I sign off I would like to say that I’m amongst a bunch of very amazing people. And those people make me who I am. 

Cheers. 😁😁


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