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Lahore, Pakistan. Essentially the place where I was born and my upbringing took place. Living right in the heart of Pakistan has always been my most favorite experiences from life. One that can not be forgotten. The story can be encompassed around many different phases of life. The essence obviously attached to it being negative and positive, both. In between the hassle of life, I grew up.


Currently, I am enrolled at the Lahore School Of Economics, Junior year. It has been one hell of a ride. I belong to a family that can be long traced back to the business and a joint family system. Having elders taking decisions for you has always been a norm. Getting to be a future engineer right after your birth would be the greatest gift or the worst nightmare you could ever have. For me, it was a nightmare. My family always thought I was different and that I could achieve more than the usual and that is why they all wanted me to be an engineer. Like you wouldn’t get a job if you’re not an engineer.

I grew up constantly wanting to listen to my heart and conventionally having to listen to my elders. Different and unconventional ideas always had taken the largest space around in my mind and in my heart. By the time I passed grade eighth with below mandatory marks in Mathematics, I knew I was never going to make an engineer. I always wanted to tell my father I couldn’t do it but I never had the audacity so I opted for engineering courses. Those three years went by like a storm. Every year you would make memories, go on a summer vacation and stay on repeat until the day finally came to opt for high school subjects. IMG_5055

I had to have experienced my best friend those days; my room. I knew I wouldn’t survive this time so I decided to tell my father. All I could hear in response was engineering. As if engineering was the only prospect to life. I was drowning and the anxiety of not being able to cope up with expectations was killing me. Then came the time when I decided to do something for myself. The time when I wanted to polish skills I knew I had but were never pursued. I started to participate in more MUN’S and Theater Acting activities. Obviously, I was a High School student and the power of liberty is supposed to come along. I wanted to drift beyond the horizon. Staying late outside home had became a habit, but, I never stopped. During my high school, I was entitled with top most dramatics society positions. I brought back home many awards and with that being said, my high school ended on an average note but most importantly, my immediate elders finally realized I wasn’t made for engineering. I was provided with liberties I never had. I was allowed to drift beyond horizons that never initially existed.


Today almost marks the end of Junior year and I can say with all my pride that between all the bumps life offered around the corner, I learned something very precious. I learned to listen to what my soul had to say. I learned to do something for myself. My name is Zain Moin.

On a side note, I love to study different cultures, play table tennis, debate, act, observe, travel, take pictures, and obviously, make a difference.

Vegas trip’15.

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