Sincerely, me.

Hi. I’m currently sitting here, thinking about what to write and to be very honest, I’m not very good at this.

Let’s just move on to the usual statements such as, I’m a 22 year old residing in Lahore and currently studying at the Lahore School of Economics. I did my secondary schooling from Lahore Grammar School, while my primary schooling was done in the UAE.


I’ve gone through a lot of phases of having different hobbies in my life. Initially, I started with collecting telephone cards from all over the world (not much of an interesting hobby, I know). Then there came a phase in my life where I was absolutely obsessed with baking. Unfortunately, that hobby only lasted for around four years after which I took on photography. I’m glad to say that my hobby for photography hasn’t ended and I hope it stays because I really enjoy capturing photos of random things and turning them into something worth seeing or at least I hope for them to be.


WhatsApp Image 2017-04-20 at 6.39.24 PM (1)


On a side note, I enjoy reading, surfing the web, watching movies, listening to music and meeting up with friends. I’m also slightly kind of obsessed with my pet cat. His name’s Noodle and he’s an absolute joy to have around the house.


Currently, I’m just trying to get through college without having a mental break down. It’s not like we have exams coming anytime soon, or projects…, or quizzes. Yep, I’m at the epitome of happiness at the moment 🙂

And that’s about it from my side. Until next time.


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