Myself: Deep Dive

Hi everyone. My name is Anam Shahid and i am currently doing my bachelors from an eminent university named Lahore School of Economics. I am a 21 years old passionate girl who tries to find happiness in almost everything. I am a social butterfly who loves to hangout with friends and can easily jell in with new people. I believe that whatever i am experiencing today is what will make my future better tomorrow. I am a very keen observer which I believe is good but also bad to some extent. Knowing too much about someone through observations can lead you to lots of difficulties. However, at the same time this habit of mine has saved me a lot of times from people with bad intentions.

My habits include singing, travelling, swimming and all the other crazy and adventurous stuff. All these activities helps me in feeling more independent. This life is a gift, full of precious moments and i want to live every moment to its fullest. This notion keeps me high spirited all the time, which is a good thing as my mind keeps on wondering and looking for new opportunities which could help me excel in my career and social life.


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