Lost and Found

A person is what he is ought to be. It is our attributes that make us different from each other. Many of us don’t know what we are or what we want to be. The first thing that comes in our mind when we think about ourselves is what possible purpose we have in our life that we need to find. i myself am a very dedicated person not towards getting good grades or anything, in fact i’m a very keen observer. the kind of person who is more into learning rather than just doing things. I’m quite passionate about being a professional makeup artist in the future. for me makeup is not just putting anything on your face, it’s more like an art to me. not everyone can do it perfectly and not everyone knows the underlying details. also i have always wanted to join certain NGO’s that work for women empowerment and rights. this is because all what i believe is that all of us have a certain kind of role to play in society and through this I can play my role in a positive manner.

Another thing that I had always wanted to become was being a confident woman myself, but i think my nature was very shy and I used to be very less interactive so sometimes i used to feel suffocated in any gatherings which created problems for me in the near future.  i learned how to live with people who are opposite from myself or who think quite opposite the way i think. life is a compilation of bitter and hard experiences and sometimes all you need is to put a lot of effort on yourself.


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