Mushi King 

After thinking long and hard about what name I should give to a blog about myself, I ended up with this. Hoping that the name was enough for you to start reading this, I might as well avail the oppurtunity to tell a bit about myself. 

I, Saad Mushtaq a.k.a Mushi (even my friend’s dad calls me by this) am a student of LSE. Currently being in 3rd year and doing my bachelors in Marketing and Media, i have a pretty normal life. A life which has regular ups and downs, but being who i am, i’ve learned to live through these inevitable phases. I’m a strong advocate of ‘live and let live’ and i personally feel that everyone should embrace this quote, which i know is practically impossible. This is the sole reason why i have surrounded myself with people who not only refrain from judging you, but also hate it when other people do it. 

Being a cricket fanatic, I’ve played cricket   throughout my life, and that’s probably the only productive thing i’ve done in my 21-year old existense. I’ve acheived a lot in cricket and have seen what its like to taste victory on multiple occassions. I also have proof!!

Besides cricket, i’ve never been a fan of studying and as absurd as it might seem, i don’t like to study but with God’s grace, i’ve managed to always be at par and somehow succeed academically. To end things, here’s a picture of my spiritual side.. 


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