Uncovering the Abstract…

Hey there readers,

My name is Jannat Sohail (no surprises there) and I am currently doing my majors in marketing and minor in media studies from the prestigious Lahore School of Economics.

You might think I have the stereotypical likes and dislikes, hobbies and interests that people of my age do but I am glad to state that I might turn out to be slightly different. Interesting? Maybe yes maybe no, but different? For sure!


So to begin with, one of my major interests is book reading. I am an avid reader… it maybe even that’s an understatement. I am what people call “a bookaholic”.


I love reading, beyond anyone’s imagination and expectations. Going to sleep without reading a page or two from a novel is simply out of question. what the disadvantage of being a bookworm? I miss out on interacting with random people. Whats the advantage of being a bookworm? I get to miss out on interacting with random people 😉  The reason i like books so much is that they never make me feel like I am alone or friendless, I travel to places without having to move, I meet people without having to talk and I experience life at the turn of a page.

But thats just not it. I love travelling, I habitually listen to music and like a true Lahori I am quite fond of eating too. My taste in music is quite limited as i only prefer slow classical songs that have meaningful and deep lyrics with tunes so serene that they give a peace rush. exploring Pakistan is a major life goal that I have because of my love for this country. 20160729_143715


I really want to look at the best places of this country before I look at any country else’s. Lately, I have been to Hunza and up to the Khunjrab Pass i.e the China border and I can assure you, its heaven. LITERALLY. YOU NEED TO GO AND SEE IT TO BELIEVE IT.


I have been to most of the northern areas and now my next aim is to visit Baluchistan side. i am sure it has quite a few surprises in store for me.

I think that is enough about me for now. I would love to hear your views and judgments on the kind of person I am. All point of views are welcome 🙂

Until then,

Hasta leugo (see you)…


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