Food is good

It keeps you alive and awsomely healthy. If you don’t eat it you die. Water is something that goes with food. It is also very good and keeps the human body hydratedly great. See food. Eat food. Be food (Earthbiodegradesyourbodywhenyoudie)

My name is waleed. I am a big fan of food. It helps my brain and body grow stronger. Occasionally I eat more then I should and then I have to spend countless hours doing physical Labour to even the odds. Life so far has been awsome with it and a couple other things that I won’t tell you guys about because I don’t give a lollipop. Which is also food so me no keeping you alive it was said in a book “fit shall only survive and the chances grow better when you white and fit.” To that I say amen. #Stayawsomeorgws

At you blogging

One and only



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