Exploring oneself


You’ve got to find yourself first,everything else will follow-Charles Le Lint. most complex thing is to introduce yourself to the world in a discreet way so they should have a positive approach towards you.Its very complicated to express who you really are because your 20’s is the period of your life when you’re actually exploring yourself.Through experience and mistakes we’ll reach success so I’m still in that process like every other university student.Minail Sameer is someone who’s really shy when she interacts with people but once if she gets along with people then she’s the most talkative one you’re around.So this is how people have told me briefly who I am.Basically Im a concoction of an introvert and extrovert, it basically varies from situation to situation.Im a student of LSE (no not London School of Economics) *sigh* as many aunties get confused and they think I am studying in London. #LSE

As a child,I was never fond of playing with dolls instead I loved cycling and playing in the streets.I love all kinds of musical genres, its my dream to travel to different regions in the world such as Prague,Greece,Bahamas.Nature has always excited me and it elevates my mood.I love to collect souvenirs from everywhere I go.Old heritage buildings and architecture has captivated my mind and as I was born and raised in Lahore I love going to places like Lahore Fort,Sheesh Mahal,Walled City and keep on staring at the intricate work done by the Mughals.I love watching makeup tutorials and buying makeup too.Food is the reason I smile I honestly love eating food and it instantly makes me feel good.Not to forget dance I love dancing and picking up the moves from the songs I was that child who insisted everyone at home to see my dance moves.#EAT,#PRAY,#DANCE,#TRAVEL.



Goodbye till the next time.


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