A Slight Insight

Friends with everyone, but known by fewdepositphotos_47352453-stock-illustration-world-map-with-countries-and

Food’s my only remedy when feeling blue

I’m most likely to forgive but never forget

After hectic weekdays, spend my weekends in bed

Shy and quite but loud in the head

When hungry, my favorite is cheese with bread

I’ve got massive road rage and curls in my hair

And known to have a lethal death staretumblr_o5aek1sKWu1r9nzulo1_r1_500

When it comes to music, I’m up to speed

But Kanye West and Florence take the lead

Expressing my emotions is something I lack

I like my tea with little milk and extra black

Would love to travel to both ends of the meridian

Once wrote a book called ‘into oblivion’

‘Laughter is the best medicine’ is a saying I believe

And I can tell mine’s annoying from the looks I receive.


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