A notion from and of myself.

My name is Shayan Khan, currently completing my junior year in Lahore School of Economics. Born in Lahore, my assimilation to Pakistan’s culture in its current political landscape, which can be similarly viewed upon by some other clusters of individuals in the contemporary fundamentalist milieu, can be categorized in the notion of the instability of the democratic process within our nation. The prevalence of the immorality that has been displayed by the dangerous factions in the country, far surpasses the immorality which it assigns to be the target it’s attempting to destroy, one which isn’t particularly driven towards a positive goal, but is rather to establish their own government; which given the use of foresight would be evident in their attempts and desire to acquire a superior grasp over the population in the nation thus replacing their rank in society as the new governing bourgeoisie. Having an upbringing in the governing policies of the contemporary constitution in Pakistan, as well as the exposure to the violence taking place within the country; it leads to a notion which may or may not be existent within other individuals, but comes to my individual forefront as I explain the transposition of the government along with the climate of security, due to terrorist attacks in the nation, which creates the holistic perspective that I am presenting, however solely in regards to my own political stance.

The actions taken by the dangerous elements, such as the Taliban, in the country originate from a core principle which they impose on the followers within their control, which is the totalitarian control over the freedom of speech of individuals and to eventually lead to their domination over the people they control, so they can ensure the modus operandi of individuals which would be to their greatest benefit. In order to escape ruminations of the recurrent use of such methods by population within the country, I personally make the use of travel, which also has scientific study to show the positive impact on a singular human scale, to make the humanistic consideration of the magnitude of nature and the positive actions which also encompasses itself within one’s life as opposed to the negative.

On a side note, I’m not particularly fond of sharing much about myself but I can share my perspective, so this shall suffice to be a memoir as an account of life in Pakistan from my view. I am also interested in philosophy and political theory, which I would like to use as context to enunciate that my individual self, is based largely on it.


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