Hi …. my name is Muhammad Haris and currently i am about to get done with my junior year.I am 22 years old and have done my O & A levels from Lahore Grammar School Faisalabad.It’s been almost 3 years that i have been here at lse as well as in lahore and i must tell you that time so far here has been great as i learned alot, gained alot, experienced alot and went through the fact of realising that this world is a beautifull and vast place to be in as millions of people as well as opportunities awaits out there on the streets in the institutions in practical and professional life and everywhere else.


At this point in time when me and all my bachmates are about to reach the senior year of university this creates excitment as well as a hidden fear of the real world that would start after it as we enter our practical life.Lots of plans comeup in mind and heart regarding what to do next but the fact that all these could result in failure as well and regardless this fact what i beleive is that one should never give up as the power of hope would always prevail in the wind….


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