Who are we?

Lahore School of Economics united different souls together for a degree in Marketing and Media. We all bring something new and different to the table, which makes life with each other all the more fun.

Section H (aka #H leaks)  is a section like any other and yet not similar in any fashion.  With people from diversified backgrounds, it comprises of a whole lot of people who can give businessmen, comedians, action heroes, journalists, celebrities, teachers and writers a run for their money! Though it might appear as if it is not a well bonded section, its anything but that. Standing up for each other is just as important for for the people of this section as standing up against each other is for the others. Believe it or not, if you spend one day with this section, you will know that its nothing less than a roller coaster ride of emotions. You will be laughing, crying, hugging, fighting, arguing, mimicking, all day long.
LITERALLY we are what the Mexicans say:
“Igual,pero distinto” : All same but all different.

Social Campaign

A beginning of a very important cause shared by Hleaks!